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LogicInMind Updates Slideshow Remote With Annotations and Full Mouse Control


The most advanced remote control for Windows PowerPoint now available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

(PRWEB) December 15, 2011 — LogicInMind updated Slideshow Remote™ with next generation features including live slide annotation, wireless mouse control, laser pointer, custom mouse cursors, auto-refresh screen preview and device auto-lock disabling option. The most advanced remote control for Windows PowerPoint brings professional presentations to a new level and is available for download today in Apple’s App Store.

The live annotation mode allows Slideshow Remote users to draw on PowerPoint slides from their mobile device. Presenters can circle information with ease, draw shapes and handwrite. Annotations are also mirrored to a connected external display or projector.

The wireless mouse control is the most powerful way to control the PC mouse cursor. Users can choose between a remote touchpad, a sensitive trackpad, a useful scrollpad or a must-have laser pointer. Users can click on controls, move programs and interact with Microsoft Windows just like a real mouse. Four optional cursor shapes are also available: big arrow, hand cursor, fountain pen and laser pointer. For best viewing on large displays custom cursor size can be adjusted to any dimension ranging from normal (1X) to very large (64X).

The auto-refresh screen option is a long-awaited feature that has now been implemented in Slideshow Remote. Thanks to this feature it is now possible to view slide transitions and animations on a mobile device, instead of static screen captures. Slideshow Remote immediately reacts to any change on the PC screen and stays in sync with slide changes, document switches and page scrolls.

The auto-lock option prevents the device from showing the lock screen during presentations, an unwanted situation in the middle of a keynote presentation.

Slideshow Remote’s advanced features are of great benefit to presenters who can more clearly communicate and impress their audience: preview slides, quick-jump to any slide, read personal notes, download presentations and view slides without a computer. Mobile users will appreciate AirPlay sharing with the new Apple TV or through the Apple VGA adaptor to any high definition television or projector.

“Slideshow Remote from LogicInMind finally puts the controls in your hand, and allows you to focus on what a presentation should really be about: presenting rather than wrestling with technology”, said Bonnie Eisenman, 148Apps reviewer.


Slideshow Remote is available in Apple’s App Store for $4.99 in the U.S. and priced accordingly in other regions. It requires a personal computer, Microsoft Windows (XP/Vista/7), Microsoft PowerPoint (2003/2007/2010), a Wi-Fi network (LAN or ad hoc) and Logic Server, available as a free desktop program from LogicInMind. AirPlay requires the new Apple TV. External display requires a compatible monitor, Apple VGA adaptor and an iPad/iPhone 4/iPod touch 4th generation. AirPrint requires iOS 4.2 and a compatible printer. Mac is not supported at this time.

Please visit http://www.logicinmind.com to learn more about Slideshow Remote, including the extensive feature list and the image gallery. Journalists and application reviewers are invited to contact us to test drive Slideshow Remote using free promo codes.

LogicInMind is a professional software developer devoted to create innovative applications for mobile users. The company’s success is based on leadership in innovation and customer satisfaction. LogicInMind has donated 10% of its gross income since 2009 to the Red Cross to support the community.



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