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Slideshow Remote Downloads Top 1 Million


LogicInMind’s Slideshow Remote is the #1 app to control PowerPoint and Keynote.

(PRWEB) May 31, 2017 – LogicInMind today announced that Slideshow Remote, the most advanced application that makes it incredibly easy to control any PowerPoint and Keynote presentations, has been downloaded more than 1 million times since its launch. Designed exclusively iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Slideshow Remote is available as a free download at http://www.slideshowremote.com.

“Slideshow Remote is the missing tool for professional presentations and is revolutionizing how we save, present and share digital slides,” said LogicInMind’s founder. “With more than one million downloads, Slideshow Remote has almost instantly become the most popular presentation remote controls of all time.”

With Slideshow Remote, users can control their presentations remotely using more than 30 fully integrated commands; easily download their presentations; view presentations on the road without having to bring a laptop; share slides on external display and Apple TV through AirPlay. The latest version also introduced unique functions to precisely time and rehearse the delivery of the presentation.


Slideshow Remote Lite is offered for free in Apple’s App Store. Pro features are unlocked with a $9.99 in-app purchase. Slideshow Remote is compatible with PowerPoint and Keynote on Windows and Mac.

Please visit http://www.slideshowremote.com to learn more about Slideshow Remote, including its extensive feature list, system requirements, video reviews and image gallery.

LogicInMind ignited the mobile presentation revolution in 2009 with Slideshow Remote and reinvented the daily time management in 2016 with Top Priority. LogicInMind is committed to bringing the best productivity applications to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through leadership in innovation and customer satisfaction.



Slideshow Remote and Top Priority are trademarks of LogicInMind.

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