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Slideshow Remote FAQ

Can I install Slideshow Remote on several devices?

  • Yes, as long as you use same iTunes user account and download same application you won't be charged twice.
  • Caution: Slideshow Remote (paid app) and Slideshow Remote Lite (with in-app purchase) are not the same app and will be charged separately.
  • Read this article for more information: support.apple.com/kb/HT2519

How to delete a downloaded document

  • Display Open menu (on iPad) or tab (on iPhone)
  • Tap Edit button and tap Delete button beside obsolete document
  • You can also swipe on document title (without using Edit button)

Changing slides is slow

  • The normal delay is 1 to 3 seconds.
  • This delay includes half a second to let PowerPoint change the slide.
  • External display and iPad full screen requires HUGE data transfers.
  • You can turn OFF the High resolution option in the settings.

My remote is not in sync with the slide show

  • To refresh your device screen, swipe up or select reload command.
  • This is normal with extended slide transitions and animations.
  • If you see the next slide, the "Show next slide" setting may be on.
  • You may also enable Auto-Refresh option.

I can not see my PowerPoint notes

  • Slideshow Remote can show reader's notes if PowerPoint is the active application and is in full screen presentation mode.
  • In design mode you can change the active slide but Slideshow Remote can not access reader's notes.

How to browse hyperlinks in PowerPoint slides

  • Connect Slideshow Remote to Logic Sever for Windows.
  • Open the "Controls" menu in Slideshow Remote.
  • Select "Touchscreen" mouse mode.
  • Tap the hyperlink in the slide area.
  • The web browser will show up in front of PowerPoint.

How to browse hyperlinks in PowerPoint notes

  • Open Internet Explorer, find your hyperlink in a page, select and copy the underlined text -or-
  • Insert a text area in PowerPoint, insert an hyperlink into it and copy the new underlined text.
  • Paste the link into the notes area at bottom of PowerPoint editor.
  • Enable "Formatted Notes" in Slideshow Remote Pro.
  • Tap the hyperlink in the notes area.
  • The web page is displayed in the notes area.

I can not see my Open Office Impress notes

  • You can control Open Office with Slideshow Remote but reader's notes are not supported.

I see black bars on each side of my slide

  • If your monitor is a wide screen (16:9), simply open Logic Server settings and select the "Standard" screen resize mode.

I have multiple monitors

  • If you have multiple monitors, simply open Logic Server settings and select the desired monitor to capture in the drop down list.

How to use annotation mode

  • Open your presentaton in PowePoint and start fullscreen show.
  • Open "Controls" menu and tap "Start Annotation".
  • Draw on iPhone/iPad to annotate over PowerPoint slide.
  • Tap "Erase Annotation" to clear drawings and display original slide.
  • Tap "Stop Annotation" to retun to normal mode. You may have to scroll down the "Controls" menu to reach this command.

How to configure proxy server


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