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Slideshow Remote for Apple Watch Can Revolutionize Presentations


LogicInMind today unveiled Slideshow Remote, the world's first presentation remote control for Apple Watch. This innovative app lets you deliver Keynote and PowerPoint presentations like never before.

(PRWEB) April 15, 2015 — LogicInMind today unveiled the Slideshow Remote app for Apple Watch. This revolutionary new app lets you view and control slideshows straight from your wrist like never before. The app can control Keynote and PowerPoint presentations running on your computer or display presentations stored on your iPhone.

“Slideshow Remote by LogicInMind lets you control a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation through your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, turning an iOS-powered device into a wireless slide-clicker on steroids!” said Jerry Seregni, technology specialist.

Innovative Features

Slideshow Remote takes advantage of the hardware and software features, available only on the Apple Watch:

 How It Works

The Slideshow Remote application runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. To control Keynote and PowerPoint presentations running on your computer, first install the free companion software, Logic Server, available for Mac and Windows. Then tap “Automatic Connection” and type the passcode displayed by Slideshow Remote into Logic Server. The presentation can begin! You can see the slides and control all aspects of the slideshow from your mobile device. If you want to see a presentation without using your computer, select a document in your library and Slideshow Remote becomes a Keynote and PowerPoint viewer.

Slideshow Remote gives you a host of options for sharing slides with your audience. The first is to connect a display (television, monitor or projector) to your personal computer running Logic Server. The second option is to connect a display to your device through an Apple adapter. It lets you see the next slide and personal notes on your device, while your audience only sees the current slide. The third option is to wirelessly beam slides to an Apple TV using the AirPlay menu in Slideshow Remote.

The Slideshow Remote extension app for Apple Watch adds an icon to the watch’s Home screen to quickly start your presentation. This extension communicates with the main iPhone application via Bluetooth. Note that the pairing is completely transparent to the user. The main screen on the watch displays the current slide, slide number, total number of slides, elapsed time and back/next buttons. The Force Touch menu reveals four advanced commands: jump to first/last slide, refresh screen preview and reset elapsed time counter.

While the Lite version offers all the basics commands, serious users can unlock the complete set of Pro features: slide browser, auto refresh, personal notes editor, PC mouse trackpad, live annotations with colors, custom cursor shapes and sizes, most recent documents, active presentations manager, offline document library, as well as a safe yet powerful laser beam.

Pricing & Availability

Slideshow Remote Lite is offered for free in Apple’s App Store. Pro features are unlocked with a one-off $4.99 in-app purchase. Promo codes for product review are available upon request.

Please visit www.logicinmind.com to learn more about Slideshow Remote, including its extensive feature list, system requirements, video reviews and image gallery.

LogicInMind designs Slideshow Remote, the most advanced remote control for professional presentations. Slideshow Remote is compatible with Keynote and PowerPoint on Mac and Windows. The company’s success is based on leadership in innovation and customer satisfaction.



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