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Top Priority: A Mobile App for Highly Effective People


LogicInMind today revealed Top Priority, the most efficient daily task manager. Exclusively on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

(PRWEB) October 11, 2016 — LogicInMind today revealed Top Priority, the most efficient daily task manager. This exclusive mobile application is designed to develop self-management skills, those abilities that allow professionals to plan working time, make right decisions, boost their productivity and deliver expected results in a timely manner.

“Top Priority personal management system has only one mission: letting you focus all day long on what is really important, with just a few minutes of planning each morning.” – LogicInMind

Top Priority goes well beyond just making to-do lists; the simple yet powerful management system is designed to develop and maintain the habit of establishing an effective action plan as the very first thing. Using Top Priority on a daily basis has demonstrated important benefits:

  • Learn how to set SMART goals.
  • Accurately estimate task duration.
  • Prioritize and schedule tasks.
  • Eliminate non-value added activities.

Professionals spend a great deal of time on discretionary activities that offer little impact on value creation or personal satisfaction. They can make themselves more productive with Top Priority by deciding which tasks matter most to their customers, thinking how to maximize their time and sharing their plan with a boss, colleague, or mentor.

Top Priority features include:

Top Priority Premium subscription unlocks these advanced features:

  • Data synchronization across user’s iOS devices.
  • Automatic backup and restoration process.
  • World’s fastest and safest cloud infrastructure.

Pricing & Availability

Top Priority is available worldwide as a free download exclusively through Apple’s App Store in the Productivity category. Top Priority Premium is a one-year subscription for only $19.99 in the U.S. and priced accordingly in other regions. Please visit www.TopPriority.com for more information.

LogicInMind designs Top Priority and Slideshow Remote, the most advanced remote control for professional presentations. Slideshow Remote is compatible with Keynote and PowerPoint on Mac and Windows. The company’s success is based on leadership in innovation and customer satisfaction.



Top Priority and the Top Priority logo are trademarks of LogicInMind.

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